SP Energy Network’s tool to predict low carbon heating uptake

SP Energy Network’s tool to predict low carbon heating uptake.

SP Energy Networks has finished developments on an innovative tool which claims to have the ability to help predict the uptake and future demand from low carbon forms of heating.

The ‘Heat-Up’ modelling tool will help use characteristics of the homes in the SP Energy Network’s region to estimate the overall amount of heat pumps that are needed to heat them and further understand the impact that is being made on the network due to the increased demand from these connections.

This will allow the company to efficiently and effectively plan for reinforcement solutions and also help the governments and local authorities to further understand the full-scale of investments that are needed to meet ambitious heat targets, including the plans to install approximately 600,000 heat pumps per annum throughout the UK by 2028.

Developed in partnership with the analytics consultancy Field Dynamics, SP Energy Networks has invested £129,000 via the Network Innovation Allowance (NIA) funding mechanism in the tool, this has also offered a vast range of behavior analysis in correlation of the use of heat in households based on ‘real-world’ data.

The outputs gathered through the Heat-Up tool will also be combined with results collected from EV-Up, a similar tool that was developed by SP Energy Networks to analyse the approximated uptake of electric vehicles (EVs) across the UK.

Scott Mathieson, SP Energy Networks Director of Network Planning & Regulation explained “This year, the UK will welcome the world’s leaders to Glasgow for the UN’s COP26 summit on climate change. Our government has ambitious goals when it comes to net zero emissions targets and if we’re to meet them, introducing low carbon heating into homes will be crucial.

“I’m proud that we’re leading the way to net zero through innovations like the Heat-Up tool. Learnings from this project will enable more people to switch to low carbon heating, which helps the environment and ultimately enables us to provide a more efficient service for customers and drive down costs.”

SP Energy Network’s tool to predict low carbon heating uptake.

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