Smarter Grid Solutions free grid capacity for clean power: Smarter Grid Solutions has been named for the QUEST project to assist in freeing up grid capacity for clean power in the UK.

The business has been named Active Network Management partner for the project, this is forecast to save networks over £250 million by preventing the requirement to build new physical infrastructure.

In its position it will be handling flexibility management for the programme, which also contains Electricity North West, National Grid Electricity System Operator (ESO) & Schneider Electric.

Smarter Grid Solutions will be using its Distributed Energy Resource Management Systems (DERMS) software to control voltages & adjust centralised & decentralised energy control systems.

Graham Ault, Executive Director at Smarter Grid Solutions stated: “This is the start of an important relationship that will see us work with key partners to deliver this groundbreaking integrated control system to optimise and coordinate network and low carbon technology operations.

“There are a number of core features of this project that are crucial for the development of an efficient, clean and secure electricity system, from interoperability between customer equipment, all the way to the UK’s system operation and coordination across several different sources of network and customer flexibility. For this project, we are providing the digital solutions essential to enable the large scale of adoption of clean energy in the UK, and globally, in the coming decade.”

Smarter Grid Solutions free grid capacity for clean power

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