REA-Extra government steps needed to reach net zero: Even though improvement has been done in the decarbonisation of UK energy, net zero goals risk not being attained because of ‘gaps in policy & investment’.

That’s the ruling coming from the Association for Renewable Energy and Clean Technology (REA), it believes that regardless of clean power & heat technologies having a boost in growth between 2018 & 2019 but weakened support schemes and a shortage of policy have paved the way to this slowing down ever since.

According to a new report, it claims that even though employment figures in renewable energy & clean tech witnessed a 3.2% increase in the past year, this amount needs to be considerably higher if the oil & gas industry wants to favourably transition to net zero.

It says that 140,000 people were employed in this sector for the duration of 2019 and 2020. The REA additionally highlights that despite the fact they are distributed throughout the UK, these jobs are heavier towards London & Southeast England.

“Despite the increase in renewable energy generation, it is clear that progress is being shackled by the reductions in tariff support & gaps in government policy.” – Dr Nina Skorupska

The observations reveal that 12.3% of the UK’s energy mix was produced by renewables in 2019 however the report alleges it is doubtful that the country will reach its 15% goal for 2020 according to recent growth rates. This is regardless of the power sector having 34.85% of its energy originating from renewable sources in 2019, a growth on the 31.07% registered in 2018.

A languishing in renewable technologies not including bioenergy is connected to gaps in government heat policy & the decrease of tariff rates included in the Renewable Heat Incentive, recommends the REA.

It points out that photovoltaic (PV) solar currently creates over 10% of all renewable generation, with wind making up the largest proportion at an astounding 53%.

Dr Nina Skorupska, CEO of REA, stated: “REview21 underlines the continuing resourcefulness, ingenuity & dedication of our industry & we have seen growth right across the board.

“However, despite the increase in renewable energy generation, it is clear that progress is being shackled by the reductions in tariff support & gaps in government policy.

“If the sector continues to receive patchy & short-term support from the government then we could fall well short of our sector’s & indeed the country’s economic potential. We need these new jobs to be fairly distributed across every region & country that makes up the UK too.

“If the government is serious about reaching their net zero ambitions & about ‘levelling up’, they need to back our sector, remove the barriers preventing the growth of our technologies and help us deliver new jobs & investment.

“2021, the year the UK is hosting COP26, must be a watershed moment. The time for rhetoric is over, we need to see action.”

REA-Extra government steps needed to reach net zero

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