Prince Charles to secure sources of water for 50m people: Prince Charles has started a scheme to guarantee that nearly 50 million people have accessibility to water sources that are  sustainable by 2030.

The Resilient Water Accelerator hopes to bring together governments, development banks & companies to distribute funds with the aim of protecting water services from the effects of climate change.

Six locations in Africa & South-East Asia will be chosen for the scheme to test new approaches in order to tackle the issues of pollution, water-stress & scarce supplies.

The initiative is part of HRH The Prince of Wales’ Sustainable Markets Initiative, that calls on businesses to take on better sustainable practices.

Prince Charles stated: “The Covid-19 pandemic has reinforced the need to ensure access to clean water around the world.

“Since the first meeting in March of last year, the Water and Climate Finance Initiative Task Force has worked steadfastly towards achieving this, by boosting climate funding, for comprehensive scalable resilient water programmes.”

WaterAid’s Chief Executive, Tim Wainwright, added: “As the world hopes to emerge from the dark cloud of Covid-19, we have a real chance to seize the even bigger challenge of climate change.”

Prince Charles to secure sources of water for 50m people

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