Plan to make Loofah fruit replace plastic sponges

Plan to make Loofah fruit replace plastic sponges: A fruit that belongs to the cucumber family called a Loofah, can provide a sustainable alternative to plastic washing-up sponges.

Aiming to encourage people to buy seeds of the crop, plant them and start washing dishes with sustainability in mind the National Trust have launched an initiative.

Starting in 2019 from National Trust’s team at Knightshayes in Devon that grew their first crop of loofahs and began using them to wash dishes as an alternative to disposable, plastic-based sponges is a scheme that is part of this trial.

By sharing practical advice on the National Trust’s social media channels the team will support home gardeners.

“This year, we’ll be planting loofahs again in the Victorian kitchen garden and we’re hoping to grow them bigger and better by using a warmer part of the nursery.” said Senior Gardener Bev Todd.

“We’re keen to help people grow along with us, so they can do their bit to reduce plastic waste and have some fun in the process.”

Plan to make Loofah fruit replace plastic sponges

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