Paul McCartney doesn’t want meat consumers to ‘Let it Be’: Ex-Beatle, Sir Paul McCartney has sung the lyric “speaking words of wisdom” from ‘Let it Be’ numerous times, however, this time his words of wisdom are urging people to further reflect on the climate.

“If every person in Great Britain skipped meat for 1 day, it would reduce our carbon footprint by more than if every car was taken off the road for a whole day,” announced Paul.

His not-for-profit campaign, Meat Free Monday (MFM), has issued a study with Brighton and Sussex Medical School, declaring that over 30% of the people who tried not eating meat once each week for 5 years eventually gave it up all-together.

The campaign focuses on reducing climate change as well as to help the environment by inspiring everyone to incorporate a ‘plant-based day’ into their diet each week.

MHM was established by Paul, Mary & Stella McCartney in 2009 in order to raise awareness of the impact that animal agriculture & industrial fishing have on the environment.

The ex-Beatle stated: “By skipping animal products 1 day a week, the environmental impact is substantial. For those people who end up moving to a completely veggie diet, there is obviously an even greater environmental impact.”

About 655 people took part in the study, originally recording themselves as ‘meat-eaters’ on Meat Free Monday.

Adam, one of the participants in the study, said: “You do not start taking up jogging & run a marathon straight away – you break yourself in gradually. I think that’s possibly the way to do it & it certainly was to me.”

Paul McCartney doesn’t want meat consumers to ‘Let it Be’

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