Ørsted committed to cleaner winds: Ørsted is dedicated to either reusing, recycling or recovering every one of the wind turbine blades employed in its force.

Currently, the majority of deactivated blades go to landfills.

However, as much as 95% of a wind turbine can be recycled, recycling of blades persist in being a challenge for professionals.

That is due to blades, majority of the time, are lightweight, but durable, this makes them difficult to break apart.

Ørsted’s new pledge is part of the company’s approach to attain carbon-neutrality by 2040.

Mads Nipper, Chief Executive Officer of Ørsted, stated: “We want to help create a world that runs entirely on green energy, and we want to do it in a sustainable way.

“That includes moving towards more circular models where we reuse resources and save energy, thereby reducing carbon emissions.”

Ørsted committed to cleaner winds

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