Offshore wind & defence radars projects receive £3.6m: Technologies that will grant offshore wind turbines & UK Air Defence surveillance systems to work together more effectively are set to be given £3.6 million in government funding.

The project consists of part of the Windfarm Mitigation for UK Air Defence competition & is anticipated to finance as much as six projects that will work to reduce the radar risk of offshore windfarms.

Part of the projects to profit from the funding will be technologies that may lower radar clutter. This points to unwanted signals or echoes created from objects, such as turbines, in the natural environment.

Studies believe offshore wind farms could have a negative effect on radar capabilities by interfering with crucial UK based military communications.

It is calculated that over half of current wind farm developments face resistance originating mainly from the civilian aviation & military sector.

Offshore wind & defence radars projects receive £3.6m

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