North South split on installing on-street EV charging

North South split on installing on-street EV charging: Southern councils in England will set up double the number of on-street EV charge points as compared to their northern counterparts.

That’s the result of a report by Centrica that says just 9,317 on-street EV chargers are planned to be set up throughout the entire UK by councils in the next 4 years. 

It says councils will establish a standard amount of just 35 on-street EV chargers by 2025.

The study illustrates a disproportionate dispersion of installations throughout the UK, with southerEnglish councils arranged to introduce two and a half times as much on-street EV chargers within the coming 4 years than councils in northern England, the Midlands, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland collectively.

The numeric values point out that councils in the south, have also distributed 1,203 additional chargers in their streets in the previous 3 years than their counterparts in the north.

The report also indicates nearly 41% of drivers believe there is a divide among the North & the South for EV charging infrastructure in council funding.

The study, that was instructed by Centrica under a Freedom of Information appeal to more than 400 councils, also points out that four-in-five drivers think it will be easier for drivers with a driveway to carry out the change to EVs. 

As reported from the research, about 126 councils all over the UK do not have plans to set up any additional EV chargers than they currently have between now & the end of 2025. 

Two months back, the government speed up the ban on new petrol & diesel cars in the UK to 2030.

Amanda Stretton, Sustainable Transport Editor at Centrica, stated: “The latest figures released today demonstrate the need for all UK councils to play their part in helping to achieve the 2030 ban.

“With half of the drivers attributing lack of chargers as the main reason preventing them from purchasing an EV, it’s unfair that those without a driveway risk getting left behind. Charging infrastructure and energy systems will need to be upgraded to cope with the demand and support drivers.”

North South split on installing on-street EV charging

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