Newly launched ‘toolbox’ for agricultural sector

Newly launched ‘toolbox’ for agricultural sector: A platform named advisory and engineering has enabled farmers to implement their anaerobic digestion (AD) projects under the best possible conditions has been launched.

A online AD ‘toolbox’ has been developed by Banques des Territoires, with support of the European Investment Advisory Hub(EIAH) – a partnership between the European Commision and European Investment Bank (EIB) this is designed to optimise project organisation and provide advisory services to promoters of small-scale regional AD projects.

It makes tools avaliable to help AD developers to prepare the evaluation and structuring of the basic economics of their projects and provides information.

The degradation leads to the production of biogas and the digestate, the residue from the process, which can be used as fertiliser this is because AD is a natural biological process of degradation of organic matter by micro-organisms.

It serves to produce renewable energy locally and stabilise or create local jobs that cannot be relocated, recycle agricultural waste, all as part of a circular and sustainable economy.

This ‘toolbox’ has true engineering value added for the sector, e.g. a ‘calculator’ for users to estimate their digester’s capacity and a tool designed to simulate a future business plan.” said Philippe Leroy, Investment Director and Head of the Environment and Resource Development Division of the Energy and Environmental Transition Department of Banque des Territoires.

“It enables regional project promoters to ask the right technical, legal, economic and financial questions and provides the structured answers needed for the project to run smoothly.”

This comes under the European Green Deal which aims to make the EU the first carbon neutrol economy by 2050.

Newly launched ‘toolbox’ for agricultural sector

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