MPs call for 30 year rail electrification to reach net zero: If the UK is to reach net zero it needs to lay out a 30-year revolving scheme of rail electrification.

As stated by a new Transport Select Committee analysis, that calls on the government to take action straight away & cut emissions of trains by expediting the use of battery technology and hydrogen tech.

MPs advise electrification is the sole ‘immediate decarbonisation option’ for the majority of the rail network.

As reported by the official figures, transport comprises the largest source of CO2 emissions of any UK sector, at 27%.

Transport Committee Chair Huw Merriman MP staed: “Decarbonising rail, and making our trains cleaner and greener, will be a considerable challenge for us all.

“Trains in Great Britain still rely mainly on diesel traction, an estimated 62% of the rail network is diesel-powered compared with 38% electrification. It will be sometime before battery and hydrogen-powered trains are ready to depart the station, leaving electrification as the main option.

“It’s time to invest in a rolling programme which will speed up delivery, drive down costs and hold to account those who do not deliver to time or budget.”

A Department for Transport representative commented: “Deploying new hydrogen and battery technology trains and electrification, building on the near 700 single track miles delivered in the last three years, will help us deliver cleaner, greener rail journeys as we strive towards net zero by 2050.

“We are fully committed to decarbonising the whole transport network and our upcoming Transport Decarbonisation Plan will set out how we will achieve this.”

MPs call for 30 year rail electrification to reach net zero

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