Maintaining the price cap is “non-negotiable”: In the midst of the UK’s energy market crisis, the Business and Energy Secretary has dismissed rumours that the price ceiling may be lifted.

Because of the skyrocketing wholesale energy prices, there has been speculation and pressure on BEIS and Ofgem to raise the ceiling in recent weeks.

Critics of the system, which is intended to safeguard customers from large increases in energy prices, dispute its significance in the present economic situation.

“Despite some pushing me to lift the cap, I am absolutely clear it is here to stay and will remain at the same level throughout winter.” said Kwasi Kwarteng, Writing in the Sunday Express.

“Keeping this protection in place is non-negotiable for me.”

The previous week. GMB urged the government to reconsider whether the present price ceiling is suitable for purpose and to go above and above to offer certainty to goods and customers.

A few days later, John Penrose, the Prime Minister’s Anti-Corruption Champion, advocated for “structural change” of the energy price cap to address the present energy problem.

Maintaining the price cap is “non-negotiable”:

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