‘Litter Cams’ to be rolled out by the Council

‘Litter Cams’ to be rolled out by the Council: New technology to prevent drivers from throwing litter out of their car windows has been launched by a local authority in Kent.

Maidstone Borough Council will use the litter cams as a trial project to reduce litter on the highways.

It is reported that £120 fine will be given to motorists who are caught on the litter cam disposing of any kind of rubbish, such as nappies, coffee cups and cigarette ends from their windows.

“Maidstone Borough Council can confirm that it is taking part in a trial of Litter Cam technology in the borough. This will be a mobile unit which will be used to deter littering from vehicles and will be in place for a year.” said a spokesperson from Maidstone Borough Council

“In 2020 MBC removed about 1,950 tonnes of waste illegally disposed on the highway, including litter and fly-tipping.”

“The council will also continue to use more traditional methods of catching people littering and issued over 200 litter FPN in 2019/2020. This new technology will enhance the enforcement action we already undertake.”

‘Litter Cams’ to be rolled out by the Council

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