Lincolnshire will be home to a ‘hydrogen town.’: Within the next decade, the Humber area might be home to one of the world’s first low-carbonhydrogen cities.”

This follows a collaboration between Equinor and Cadent to investigate the feasibility of establishing a hydrogen town in Lincolnshire.

The cooperation intends to evaluate how gas networks may be transformed to obtain low carbon hydrogen and how this would effect the carbon footprint of residential heating.

The firms will create technical analyses and concepts for hydrogen generation, storage, demand, and heat delivery.

It is thought that hydrogen might play an important role in decarbonizing the UK’s energy grid and household heating — heating accounts for roughly 74% of building emissions.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for the Humber to target yet another ‘world first’ in the low carbon energy agenda, making it a beacon for global investment, innovation and economic growth.” Said, Vice President of UK Low Carbon Solutions at Equinor, Dan Sadler.

Northern Lincolnshire, according to Sally Brewis, Head of Regional Development at Cadent, is poised to play a significant part in the UK hydrogen for heat revolution.

The government unveiled its Heat and Buildings policy in October.

This came on the heels of the much-anticipated Hydrogen Strategy, which is expected to support 9,000 employment and unleash £4 billion in investment by 2030.

This indicated that hydrogen heating experiments might begin in 2023 with a hydrogen neighbourhood trial, followed by a big hydrogen village trial in 2025 and even a hydrogen town pilot by the end of the decade.

Lincolnshire will be home to a ‘hydrogen town.’:

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