Innovative analysis into wireless EV charging under tarmac: Would it be possible for electric vehicles (EVs) to be charged up without needing to be plugged in to a charge point?

Current research is being recognised as pioneering by industry leaders & started by the electricity allocation network operator Western Power Distribution (WPD) in teaming with Coventry City Council, Coventry University, Toyota & the separate non-profit research & consultancy Cenex, will determine the usefulness of charging EVs while being driven by using wireless introductory tech situated under the road surfaces.

Little wireless chargers will be set up under the road tarmac and will exchange information with technology connected in EVs that will, likewise, pick up the charge & power up the vehicle.

The on-the-move technology hopes to alleviate the pressure throughout the charging structure by lowering high demand timeframes and additionally assist heavy goods vehicles (HGVs), that are continually on the go and need larger batteries.

The research is to be funded by Ofgem with a offering of £375,000 & an investment of £41,700 by Western Power Distribution.

Ricky Duke, WPD Innovation & Low Carbon Network Engineer, announced: “The ability to charge your vehicle while on the move would be a massive game-changer for the nation and the launch of our study marks an important milestone in our journey towards identifying new and exciting ways to support the mass adoption of EVs across the country.”

Shamala Evans, Project Manager from Coventry City Council, added: “There are sectors of the transport system, such as buses and HGVs, which have previously proven challenging to electrify due to their high energy demands.

“However, dynamic wireless power transfer is a technology which has the potential to provide the ability to charge on the move and will be transformational in accelerating the electrification of our transport networks.”

Innovative analysis into wireless EV charging under tarmac

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