In Texas Minorities are more likely to have blackouts: Suffering four times more power outages during the recent rolling blackouts that hit the state and texan residents from ethnic backgrounds.

Estimating areas mostly inhabited by people of white background had an 11% chance of suffering an outage compared to a 47% chance in high minority share areas is one of the findings of new analysis published by the Electricity Growth and Use in Developing Economies (E-Guide) initiative.

Satellite imagery of night-time lights to track changes in lighting before, during and after the winter sotrm to indicate where blackouts had occured and correlated them to census demographic data, used by a grantee of the Rockfeller foundation and a collaboration between multiple academics and organisations.

Income status of areas does not correlate strongly with a certain rate of blackouts the authors of the report suggest.

Critical facilities, such as hospitals, police and water and wastewater treatment facilities made blackouts less likely they noted.

“Though the analysis does not tell us why differences in blackouts arise, the end result, that already-vulnerable populations endure more widespread blackouts, is tragic and unacceptable.” said  Jay Taneja of UMass Amherst’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and the Initiative Lead

“While innovative datasets using satellite imagery can highlight this inequity, a failure of this magnitude is a reminder that investment in infrastructure reflects investment in communities and people.”

“Regulators and policymakers should strive to track blackout events at the most granular level possible to identify systemic biases and develop sound policy to eliminate them and limit impacts on vulnerable communities.”

In Texas Minorities are more likely to have blackouts

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