Government to tackle carbon-intensive ‘ghost flights’: An extended measure has been legislated for by the government that offers airlines a way to avoid operating carbon inefficient ‘ghost flights’.

Under the current circumstances of Covid-19 restrictions, these are flights that carry fewer passengers than usual and are operated mainly to allow airlines to keep their rights to airport landing slots.

As of the 26th March the legislation to extend the waiver will come into force and this is expected to provide flexibility, ensuring that airlines do not have to operate flights for around 80% of the time to retain their slots.

“I want to restart international travel as soon as it is safe and the slots waiver is a critical part of making that happen.” said Transport Secretary Grant Shapps

“With airlines flying a smaller proportion of their usual schedules, the waiver means carriers can reserve their finances, reduce the need for environmentally damaging ‘ghost flights’ and allow normal services to immediately restart when the pandemic allows.”

Government to tackle carbon-intensive ‘ghost flights’

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