Ecotricity to buy geothermal power from Cornish plant

Ecotricity to buy geothermal power from Cornish plant: Geothermal Engineering Limited’s geothermal electricity will be bought through a finalised power purchase agreement (PPA) by the British utility Ecotricity.

The 10-year PPA will demonstrate a minimum of 3MWh of base capacity electricity made by the United Downs demonstration program in Cornwall being dispensed to power the amount of 10,000 homes yearly.

The deal is claimed to signify the 1st time geothermal electricity will be created & sold in the UK.

A few months back, the mineral exploration firm Cornish Lithium reported the exploration of ‘globally significant’ levels of lithium in Cornish geothermal waters.

The report followed the firm’s ideas to develop a pilot lithium extraction plant in the United Downs Geothermal power location.

The power plant is indicated to be fully functional in early 2022.

Dale Vince, Founder of Ecotricity, stated: “Geothermal is a really exciting form of energy that is currently untapped in the UK. We’re pleased to be part of this project and to add the power to our customer’s energy mix. It has a big role to play in our plans to decarbonise the country.”

Dr Ryan Law, Founder and Managing Director of Geothermal Engineering Limited, announced: “Our work shows the significant potential of geothermal energy to supply both heat and energy across Cornwall. We are very excited for the industry, investment and jobs this renewable resource could bring to the region.”

Ecotricity to buy geothermal power from Cornish plant

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