Drax begins drive to better green skills for 1million

Drax begins drive to better green skills for 1million: Energy company Drax has made a promise to advance green skills,employability, education & opportunity for one million people throughout the next 5 years.

Its new ‘Mobilising a Million’ drive hopes to improve the “social mobility” of people & better their employability as a section of its Opportunity Action Plan.

It is in cooperative with the Social Mobility Pledge, headed by past Education Secretary Justine Greening, who stated: “Achieving true social mobility in Britain and levelling up our country is a huge challenge but one that businesses are rising to.

“Businesses like Drax have a crucial role to play in levelling up and ensuring that our country’s net zero targets and ambitions are not just met but delivered in a way that created opportunities and levels up communities like Selby, Ipswich, Northampton and in Scotland where Drax has its operations.

Drax has transformed its Yorkshire power station to use sustainable biomass in the place of coal, converting the business to be the biggest decarbonisation project in Europe & the largest single site, renewable power generator in the whole of the UK.

It is planning to go further by utilising bioenergy carbon capture & storage (BECCS) technology to develop into carbon negative by 2030, this means it will forever eliminate more CO2 from the atmosphere than its operations make.

Clare Harbord, Drax Group Director fo Corporate Affairs announced: “Drax, along with other businesses, has an important part to play in making sure we have a future workforce with the skills to deliver the new technologies needed to decarbonise the economy and meet the UK’s net zero target.

“By boosting education, skills and employability opportunities for a million people, we can start to level the playing field and build a more diverse workforce. This will make the energy sector stronger and able to make a more significant contribution to the UK’s green recovery from COVID.”

Drax begins drive to better green skills for 1million

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