COP26 is not a photo op said Alok Sharma: The COP26 President-Designate stated earlier today that the conference is not a photo opportunity or a discussion forum.

“COP26 is not a photo op or a talking shop. It must be the forum where we put the world on track to deliver on climate.” said Alok Sharma in a major speech at the UNESCO World Heritage Centre in Paris.

“And that is down to leaders. It is leaders who made a promise to the world in this great city six years ago. And it is leaders that must honour it.”

“Responsibility rests with each and every country. And we must all play our part. Because on climate, the world will succeed, or fail as one.” Mr Sharma added the success or failure of COP26 in the world leaders’ hands.

“It will be an extraordinary COP in extraordinary times. But collectively, we must pull together to make it work. Forging unity from the unfamiliar.”

“Because we have no choice but to deliver. Each country must step-up. And as COP26 President I will ensure that every voice is heard. That the smallest nations are sitting face to face with the world’s great powers. As equal parties to the process.”

Later this month, the United Kingdom will host the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow.

COP26 is not a photo op said Alok Sharma:

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