‘Clean energy in homes’ for almost half of the UK

‘Clean energy in homes’ for almost half of the UK: Looking to embrace more clean energy in homes in more than half of UK consumers as they consider installing renewable energy sources.

A new study by the profession services company GHD suggest that the majority of people willing to bring more green measures to their homes would consider installing solar panels.

More than half would prioritise the purchase of hydrogen batteries, hydrogen boilers and ground source heat pumps.

In a study it shows that 3 out of 4 Brits agree that we all have a role to play to help the world become more sustaniable.

It was also found in research that 1,000 consumers also found that energy cost remain an issue for many, 55% of the respondents say that they struggle with paying their monthly energy bills, at least occasionally.

The issue is a ‘frequent’ or ‘constant’ challenge for 12% of respondents.

“The amount of energy used in the home in the UK is at its highest thanks to a greater concentration of people using electricity over a wider area than before, and this is causing a re-think about baseline stability and how grids operate.” said Dr David Maunder, Technical Leader – Future Energy at GHD.

“This is not just about renewable electricity: while we will see much greater use of decarbonised electricity in many existing and new applications, such as in electric vehicles, we also need to decarbonise other parts of our energy system, such as our gas networks.”

‘Clean energy in homes’ for almost half of the UK

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