China produced over half of the globe’s coal-fired electricity: In the year when coal generation had its steepest fall on record worldwide. China was accountable for around 53% of the world’s coal-fired electricity in 2020.

This is claimed by a new report by the energy & climate research group Ember, that believes China’s coal generation increased by 1.7% the previous year.

The discoveries of the report also point out that the country was the only one from the G20 group that showed a considerable jump in coal-fired generation.

China’s electricity demand rose by a larger amount than all electricity demand in India and was 33% greater in 2020 compared to 2015.

The report also suggest that electricity demand per capita is furthermore higher than in the UK & Italy.

In line with the worlds average, it also points out that wind & solar now provide nearly a tenth of China’s electricity.

By 2060, the country has pledged to attaining carbon-neutrality.

“Despite some progress, China is still struggling to curb its coal generation growth. Fast-rising demand for electricity is driving up coal power and emissions.

More sustainable demand growth will enable China to phase out its large coal fleet, especially the least efficient sub-critical coal units, and provide greater opportunity for the country to attain its climate aspirations.”

China produced over half of the globe’s coal-fired electricity

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