Brits bin nearly 42% of the food they purchase each year

Brits bin nearly 42% of the food they purchase each year: Brits throw out around 42% of the food they purchase, with an approximate £2,675 of items ending up in the bin each year.

That’s as reported by current research by Samsung, that discovered that the major cause of food waste is that people don’t realise in what way they should be storing their shopping.

The study says fruits are at high risk of waste with most people storing pears, apples & oranges the incorrect way.

In accordance to the report, all these items are being stored on the counter instead of the fridge. In this way they could be saved longer.

The report also showed that fresh herbs, ready meals, sauces & condiments were the products with the highest amount of waste.

The discoveries of the research also imply that some of the most common reasons for household food waste are forgetting products in the fridge, neglecting checking expiration dates & not planning meals before shopping.

In thinking about how to avoid waste, nearly 48% of people think a better food organisation system would assist them in reducing their food waste & three-in-five considered their food would last longer if they stored it correctly.

Nick Bevan, Head of Product Management at Samsung Electronics UK Ltd, stated: “A forgotten vegetable at the bottom of the fridge drawer is a common sight in our homes, yet a few small changes could make this a thing of the past.

“Simply knowing where food items belong and reorganising our fridges are small things that can help tackle the big problem of food waste in the UK.”

Brits bin nearly 42% of the food they purchase each year

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