Boris Johnson invests £3bn in ‘green bus revolution’: It was revelead by Boris Johnson today that a new £3 billion investment in what he calls the ‘green bus revolution‘.

Nearly 4,000 new British-built electric or hydrogen buses will be delieved to provide zero-emissions and quiet travel across the UK, under the new plans.

A consultation on the end date has been launched today as this plans to end sales of new diesel buses.

It was announced later today that there will be simpler bus fares with daily price caps to allow people to take buses as many times as they need without facing mounting costs.

The new measure will be deployed to support efforts in the UK’s green recovery as the introduction of more services in the evenings and at the weekends is also among this.

“Buses are lifelines and liberators, connecting people to jobs they couldn’t otherwise take, driving pensioners and young people to see their friends, sustaining town centres and protecting the environment.” said Prime Minister Boris Johnson

“As we build back from the pandemic, better buses will be one of our first acts of levelling-up.”

“Just as they did in London, our reforms will make buses the transport of choice, reducing the number of car journeys and improving quality of life for millions.”

“The strategy we’re unveiling today will completely overhaul services, ensuring we build back better from the pandemic.” said Transport Secretary Grant Shapps.

“Key to it is the new deal it offers to councils, we will provide unprecedented funding, but we need councils to work closely with operators, and the government, to develop the services of the future.”

Boris Johnson invests £3bn in ‘green bus revolution’

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