At COP26, there was an 82% rise in climate-active firms: Following the COP26 climate meeting last month, the UNFCCC showed that non-party stakeholders’ willingness to attain net zero is still rising.

The number of individuals enrolling for services or sources that encourage climate action continues to climb, with the framework revealing that 22,259 people globally registered for the Global Climate Action Portal (GCAP) this year, a 22% increase from the previous year.

These registrations also included firms and enterprises, bringing the total number of companies active in climate action to almost 7,300 – an increase of 82% in the number of businesses involved.

One of the GCAP’s data partners, the non-profit CDP, assists businesses in managing their environmental effects and witnessed a 35% rise in environmental disclosures from 2020, the greatest amount since it began more than 20 years ago.

The UNFCCC also emphasized the success of the ‘Race to Zero‘ initiative, which has seen over 7,800 members from 110 countries participate in reducing emissions and setting environmental goals.

Furthermore, 450 financial institutions representing more than £98 trillion have joined the Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero, which aims to mobilize private funding for developing nations to combat climate change.

“While significant change is already underway, evidence shows that it must accelerate in all sectors of the economy and society in order to achieve the Paris Agreement goals and avoid the worst impacts of climate change.” The framework remarked.

“One major example is coal, which needs to be phased out at a pace more than five times faster than at present.”

At COP26, there was an 82% rise in climate-active firms

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