Are adults doing enough for pollution?

Children across the UK have less confidence in adults- compared to the US, India and China in regards to preventing air pollution.

A survey conducted by the charity Global Action Plan and Blueair shows that close to 43% of children don’t believe that the potential to ensure the air being breathed is clean is not being met.

However, 74% of India’s children believe that adults across India are doing what they need to do to ensure air pollution is being kept to a minimum.

4,054 children participated in the survey (aged 6-15) with 1,033 representing the UK. The survey also suggested approximately 1 in 10 children form Britain still remain uneducated in regards to air pollution.

The survey also included the question, who they believe should be helping ensure that they breathe clean air. The answers showed that 73% believed the government should, 46% believed local leaders, 43% business owners and 27% beleved it was the school’s responsibility.

Chief Executive Officer at Global Action Plan, Sonja Graham stated “Access to clean air is vital for children to be able to live long healthy lives and realize their full potential. Children have the right to clean water, a safe home, why do they not have a right to clean air to breathe?”

Sir Stephen Holgate, a respiratory specialist professor “The fact that the air they breathe is not recognised as a right highlights the lack of understanding and awareness surrounding its harmful impacts.’

“Every day, around 93% of the world’s children under the age of 15 are breathing air so polluted that it poses serious risks to their health and development. Globally, we must start treating air pollution with the seriousness it deserves.”

Are adults doing enough for pollution?

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