£690 drivers fee to park cars outside homes: A maximum fee of £690 will soon be set in place for one London borough’s residents to park their cars outside their own homes.

Merton Council will be introducing a new measure of emission-based charging systems which will lead to cutting the use of the most polluting transport in this area.

Owners of polluting vehicles, which includes diesel and petrol, will need to pay £540 per annum.

The yearly visitor’s parking permit will rise to £690 which is the highest level of residential permit charges plus the additional ultra low emissions zone levy that the local authorities set.

It is thought that this will reduce further sales of this permit and thus the utilisation of transport, which are contributing to pollution.

The diesel levy introduced in April 2017 was implemented by Merton Council to encourage drivers to move away from diesel transport.

The council estimates that diesel transport ownership as a share of permits sold has seen a slight decrease in nearly all permit zones since the introduction of the diesel levy.

As a result this has sparked outrage amoung many local residents.

“This new tax hike has come at the worst possible time for many residents across the borough.” stated Merton Conservative.

“While many are facing job losses, stretched household budgets and an uncertain financial future due to the Covid19 pandemic, the Labour administration has chosen to put residents under the cosh with a series of new charges that fall on residents at the most financially difficult time many families will have experienced for decades.”

£690 drivers fee to park cars outside homes

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