600k reward for space climate change fight ideas

The UK government has launched a brand new competition where young people who believe they can help the fight against climate change can design new space ideas in exchange for a reward.

The nanosatellite design that is chosen as the winner will walk away with a £600K reward to build and be launched into space. Nanosatellites are small-sized satellites that are used to collect data on various issues including climate change.

In the upcoming year, the UK is on target to become the very first country within Europe to host small satellite launches in Newquay, where the first operational spaceport will be located.

Grant Shapps, Transport Secretary announced : “As hosts of the G7 and with the first space launches from British soil firmly within our grasp, I want to support the UK’s brightest minds and creative ideas to launch this exciting competition.

“This will help to secure a future spaceflight legacy for Great Britain, by inspiring young adults to build the skills to work within this growing sector.”

600k reward for space climate change fight ideas

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