Wales begin £3.5m fund for circular economy programs

Wales begin £3.5m fund for circular economy programs: Public bodies in Wales are being encouraged to bid for a share of £3.5 million to back a green recovery & help boost the nation’s shift towards a circular economy.

The extra funding has been reported following two favourable previous rounds of the Circular Economy Fund to support the transition forward to a zero waste & zero carbon Wales by retaining materials in circulation for as long as possible and preventing waste.

Applications for the current round can be submitted up to the 1st December 2020.

The funding has been initiated alongside the launch of the repair & reuse fund for which £3.5 million of support was reported.

Lesley Griffiths, Environment, Energy and Rural Affairs Minister announced: “The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the growing importance of recycling to our economy and the role the circular economy has as a key part of a green recovery. By shortening supply chains, we can boost economic resilience and by keeping resources in use, we can take advantage of new economic opportunities. It will not only bring economic benefits, but also bring benefits for our environment and our communities.

“This additional £3.5m in funding, which opens for applications today, will help support publicly funded bodies to put the green recovery into action.

“Alongside the launch of the repair and reuse funding for our town and community centres, it sends a clear signal of the importance of this work to our commitment to decarbonisation and addressing the climate emergency.”

Wales begin £3.5m fund for circular economy programs

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