Virgin Galactic jet flies sustainably at mach 3: The first images of Virgin Galactic‘s supersonic passenger jet, which will fly at speeds over three times the speed of sound using sustainable fuel.

The jet is to use sustainable aviation fuel, will take off and land like any other passenger plane, will carry up to 19 passengers and fly at altitudes above 60,000 feet.

Virgin Galactic jet flies sustainably at mach 3
Image: Virgin Galactic

Rolls-Royce has partnered with the aerospace and space travel company, to design and develop engine propulsion technology for the jet.

Working with international regulatory bodies, including the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) the firm has confirmed it will ensure compliance with safety and environmental standards.

Virgin Galactic jet flies sustainably at mach 3
Image: Virgin Galactic

The engineering team in the next phase of the project will work on deciding which materials to use in the design and manufacturing of the aircraft in a bid to reduce noise and carbon dioxide emissions.

Chief Space Officer of Virgin Galactic, George Whitesides said: “We are pleased to collaborate with the innovative team at Rolls-Royce as we strive to develop sustainable, cutting-edge propulsion systems for the aircraft, and we are pleased to be working with the FAA to ensure our designs can make a practical impact from the start. We look forward to opening up a new frontier in high-speed travel.”

Virgin Galactic jet flies sustainably at mach 3

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