UK’s 1st electric forecourt opens in Essex: The UK’s first electric forecourt opened today nearby Braintree, Essex.

The site allows 36 EVs to be charged at the same time, with high power chargers that can supply up to 350kW of charging power, enabling drivers to add up to 200 miles of range in 20 minutes.

Drivers charging at the electric forecourt will originally pay just 24p per kWh of energy, This is predicted to be the lowest ultra-high power charging rates in the market.

The site is the first of 100 projected electric forecourts being constructed by the energy firm GRIDSERVE within the next 5 years under a £1 billion plan.  It has been funded with contributions from Hitachi Capital UK, Innovate UK & OZEV.

Toddington Harper, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of GRIDSERVE, stated: “It’s our collective responsibility to prevent greenhouse gas emissions rising further, and EVs powered by clean energy represent a large part of the solution.”

Ian Cameron, Head of Customer Service and Innovation at UK Power Networks, added: “We see a future where venues like this can offer energy services to help balance the electricity network, creating new income streams, getting more clean energy onto the network and ultimately lowering costs for customers.”

UK’s 1st electric forecourt opens in Essex

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