UK could reach 40°C every 3 years by 2010: Every three or four years temperatures in Britain could soar to 40°C due to global warming.

Thats the finding of a new report by the Met Office, which says the chances of ‘extremely high temperatures’ in parts of the UK are predicted to increase significantly by the end of the century.

Under a high emissions scenario, the study suggests this is a possibility.

Under a medium-emissions scenario, the return time is reduced to around 15 years by 2100 for the 40°C threshold to be reached.

The analysis also shows in some parts of the South East, between 1960 and 2019, the hottest days of the year have already increased by 1°C each decade, showing the UK is already on a warming trend. The UK hit its highest temperature ever just last year in Cambridge when 38.7°C was recorded.

Nikolaos Christidis lead Author said: “The chances of seeing 40°C days in the UK could be as much as ten times more likely in the current climate than under a natural climate unaffected by human influence.

“The likelihood of exceeding 40°C anywhere in the UK in a given year has also been rapidly increasing, and, without curbing of greenhouse gas emissions, such extremes could be taking place every few years in the climate of 2100.”

UK could reach 40°C every 3 years by 2010

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