Tonnes of CO2 released if global climate rises 2°C: If the global climate warms by the 2°C cap as set out in the Paris Agreement, 230 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide will be set free from the world’s soils.

This comes as an urgent warning from the University of Exeter, which says this may cause a catastrophic feedback loop, accelerationg the rate of climate change & as a result causing even more carbon to be released from soils.

Researchers at the university point out that soils can hold up to triple the quantity of carbon than is existing in the atmosphere but higher temperatures speed up decomposition, leading to this stored carbon being released at very rapid rates.

The 230 billion tonnes estimated to be released from soils at 2°C warming would be similar to four times China’s total emissions from China and over twice the emissions from the USA in the last century,

Dr Sarah Chadburn of the University of Exeter stated: “Our study rules out the most extreme projections – but nonetheless suggests substantial soil carbon losses due to climate change at only 2°C warming, and this doesn’t even include losses of deeper permafrost carbon.”

Tonnes of CO2 released if global climate rises 2°C

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