thyssenkrupp and E.ON to pool hydrogen: German industrial engineering and steel production conglomerate thyssenkrupp and Energy supplier E.ON are pooling the 600MW collective output of 150 electrolysis plants in Germany and the UK which will make hydrogen available to the wholesale power market.

E.ON’s virtual power plant can link the plants to the electricity market in Germany, which connects bulk purchasers of energy with industrial producers and controls the consumption and generation of these customers according to the current network load.

The plant will raise hydrogen production if there is surplus power and shut down hydrogen at times of higher demand, freeing up electricity on the grid says the utility.

Global Director City Energy Solutions, Stefan Hakansson CEO E.ON Business Solutions, said: “The cooperation with thyssenkrupp follows our principle that the conversion of industry to clean energy must be essentially economical. With our expertise in all aspects of the energy market, we are also succeeding in breaking down a barrier to the sensible use of hydrogen to generate electricity.”

Head of Energy Storage & Hydrogen at thyssenkrupp, Christoph Noeres : “We have achieved another important goal. Previous tests had already shown that our electrolysis plants produce green hydrogen with high efficiencies.

“At the same time, the plants are responsive and flexible enough to participate in the balancing energy market. Our plants thus make a decisive contribution to a stable power supply and at the same time, make a significant contribution to the economic efficiency of green hydrogen.”

thyssenkrupp and E.ON to pool hydrogen

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