SSEN use drones to observe electricity infrastructure

SSEN use drones to observe electricity infrastructure: Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) is using drone technology to oversee pylons covering 64,000 kilometres of overhead power lines throughout central southern England.

The £420,000 programme teamed up with Cyberhawk, oversees the use of drones and iHawk to monitor and visualise SSEN’s infrastructure starting with the rural Cotswolds to the urban areas of West London, without intrusion or disturbance to customers.

Customarily, engineers would be obliged to physically climb towers to determine the condition of critical infrastructure, nevertheless, the drone technology is deployed in a way that reduces disruption for customers, minimises the risk to individuals climbing the infrastructure & speeds up the inspection process.

Martin Bailey, SSEN’s Maintenance and Inspection Manager announced: “SSEN’s towers, which support our overhead network, sit across all four regions of our central southern England distribution area and are positioned in various different land types and even air spaces.

“Prior to using the drones, we were required to climb the towers, bringing an element of risk to those involved and taking a great time to safely carry out the assessment. Most of our towers have walk in access so now only two people are required to operate the drone and this in turn results in minimal impact on the environment and far less inconvenience for land owners and nearby residents.”

SSEN is in charge of maintaining the electricity networks and helps conduct the power running for its 3.1 million customers in the south of England.

SSEN use drones to observe electricity infrastructure

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