SPEN to present tech to keep lights on this winter

SPEN to present tech to keep lights on this winter: SP Energy Networks (SPEN) is presenting a new technology capable of restoring power inside of 24 hours if severe weather brings about a loss of electricity this winter.

The Emergency Restoration System is reported to mirror “giant Meccano” and is able to be deployed at “a moment’s notice” to assist in both overhead & underground lines, implementing a far more swift response system for engineers to utilise in the field compared to what has been previously available.

Constructed from lightweight & compact materials, it can be built from ground level with a base that is adaptable to any terrain and with the flexability to hold up overhead lines at any height all over the SPEN network.

SPEN engineers have also modified the tech to permit it to be used where faults are found underground, using it to sidestep electricity flow away from damaged parts of the network while repairs are being made, keeping the lights on for those living & working closeby.

Guy Jefferson, Customer Service Director at SPEN stated: “The cutting-edge design of the Emergency Restoration System makes it possible for our engineers to make repairs faster than ever before, while keeping our customers connected to the power network.

“While extreme powercuts occur very rarely, our teams are prepared for every eventuality. This system is lightweight and can be easily transported and assembled in several configurations to suit all types of terrain no matter the weather conditions.

“We are acutely aware of how much more time people spend at home in the current environment and how crucial those power supplies are to those who rely on still being able to work effectively and carry out other essential daily tasks. We use bespoke weather forecasting to prepare ahead of any bad weather, moving our teams and resources around to likely hot spots so we can react as quickly as possible to major outages in the unlikely event that they occur.”

SPEN to present tech to keep lights on this winter

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