Smart meter installations to be ramped up: New plans to ramp up smart meter installations have been rolled out by the UK government.

Following a six-month extension for energy suppliers to ensure they have taken all reasonable measures to install smart meters in households and small businesses, it says it will implement a four-year policy framework with annual milestones.

The coronavirus crisis led to a drop in the rate of smart meter installations and this new plan is expected to make up for the reduced contact they had with customers.

After a consultation with the energy industry new secondary legislation will set strict future annual targets, which could result in fines if missed.

The threshold of funding Smart Energy GB’s domestic campaign activities to large energy suppliers has been proposed by BEIS to be lowered to serving 150K consumers previously the figure was 250K.

The money raised is used to publicise and encourage domestic smart meter installations.

Lord Callanan, Minister for Climate Change said: “Smart meters are playing an important role in helping the UK deliver a cleaner and more efficient energy system, with the added benefit of also saving tens of billions of pounds in the process.

“By allowing households to conveniently track their energy use, and prepayment customers to more easily top-up credit, we are working with industry to safely install even more across the country in a way that keeps consumers and suppliers safe.”

It says installing smart meters, while slashing carbon dioxide emissions by 45 million tonnes, could also save consumers up to £250 on their bills, which is the annual equivalent of taking 26 million cars off the roads.

The Committee on Climate Change has said the cost of reaching net zero could be up to £16 billion a year more expensive than current estimates predict without the flexibility enabled by smart meters.

Angus Flett, Chief Executive Officer of Smart DCC, had spoken a few months ago to ELN Editor Sumit Bose about the smart meter rollout and its importance in driving down emissions across the economy.

Smart meter installations to be ramped up


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