Smart homes may halve carbon emissions and bills: Smart homes could help deliver energy bill savings, carbon reductions and improved system resilience across the UK.

New research from scientists at Loughborough University in partnership with the Solar Trade Association and Advance Further Energy concludes, which says the mass adoption in the home of battery storage, solar, intelligent controls and other smart energy technologies could unlock a range of significant positive impacts.

If such a system were scaled-up across a portfolio of 4.4 million homes, individual households would be able to lessen their environmental impact, save money and even potentially sell power through a local energy marketplace, back to the grid or other homes and businesses – the report states they would not only benefit these individual homeowners but the entire electricity network.

Helping to balance the electricity system without the need for costly reinforcements it adds, with tools to manage electricity use it can enable distributed energy and storage-equipped houses to provide enough rapid flexible power to flatten spikes in demand – these households could also help the UK work towards its net zero targets, more than halving carbon emissions and energy bills.

Chief Executive of the STA Chris Hewett said: “We now have an opportunity to make our homes active contributors of the flexibility needed to maximise the potential of renewables, rather than simply passive consumers of electricity.

“The evidence is here – deploying smart energy technologies across the country not only cuts carbon and helps households save on their energy bills, but can actively minimise spikes in electricity demand which place the grid under intense stress. It is not simply the homeowner who stands to benefit from solar and energy storage, but everyone.”

Smart homes may halve carbon emissions and bills

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