Sizewell C consultation by Environment Agency: The construction of a new-build nuclear facility at its site in Suffolk has been proposed by EDF’s Sizewell C company.

Located next to the existing Sizewell B buildings, the Environment Agency has launched in response, a consultation to gather feedback from national stakeholders and the community regarding applications for three environmental permits required for the operation of the proposed power plant.

The operation of standby power supply systems using diesel generators, the discharges of cooling water and liquid effluent into the North Sea require three permits which were submitted to the Environment Agency last month and cover the controls that would need to be implemented to ensure high standards of environmental protection during the disposal and discharges of radioactive wastes.

Running from 6th July 2020 for 12 weeks, at the end of which the consultation on the application by the Environment Agency must decide whether to grant or refuse the issue of the permits.

Simon Barlow, the Environment Agency’s Nuclear New Build Project Manager, said: “These applications represent the culmination of 10 years of pre-application discussions with EDF SZC Co. We welcome people’s views on these permit applications and will carefully consider their comments before we progress to the next stage of our decision-making process.

“As these applications relate to the disposal and discharge of radioactive waste; operation of standby power supply systems using diesel generators; and discharges of cooling water and liquid effluent into the North Sea they will all have implications for the environment and should be rigorously examined – hence our consultation.”

Sizewell C consultation by Environment Agency

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