Sennen to reduce lost revenue by wind turbine downtime

Sennen to reduce lost revenue by wind turbine downtime: Technology company Sennen has obtained grant funding to develop a new software aspect to assist wind farm operators minimise lost revenue caused by turbine downtime.

It is anticipated to help users to swiftly & accurately comprehend losses due to individual defects, site incidents or other operational outcomes.

Lost production assessments are currently finished long after the event without access to detailed records of site status & activity, with the calculations used to estimate contractual damages and bonus payments – however they do not offer a basis for improving operations & maintenance.

Sennen explains its software focus will “radically change” how lost production metrics are created and used.

It will combine analysis of downtime into the normal marine control process, connecting downtime precisely to operations processes, such as fault repairs, yearly services & crew transfers.

Additionally, by preparing the metrics available in real time, Sennen can provide live interactive dashboards for the entire operations team.

Paul Grimshaw, Sennen Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer explained: “By simplifying analysis of complex SCADA data, Sennen’s lost production module will make it easier to reduce losses and increase production.

“We are developing an intuitive interface that will allow staff across all teams to delve into relationships between operations and maintenance (O&M), site conditions and lost production. They will be able to quickly and easily generate appropriate metrics that can be used to improve efficiency and drive down costs in the long term.”

The grant was provided by the Offshore Wind Growth Partnership (OWGP) as part of a programme that focuses to promote closer collaboration throughout the supply chain &  implement ways of bettering productivity in the sector.

Sennen to reduce lost revenue by wind turbine downtime

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