Nuclear power required to reach net zero target: The UK is unlikely to be able to reach its net zero target without increasing nuclear power.

A recent report by the Nuclear Industry Association finds amongst other requirements, which suggests building new nuclear power stations such as Hinkley Point would need a commitment if the 2050 goal is to be reached.

It says prompt decisions on a new nuclear power programme could unlock immediate benefits to help tackle the impact of Covid-19, based on an assessment produced for the industry body the Nuclear Industry Council.

Driving deeper decarbonisation with the help of hydrogen, clean fuels and district heating, a programme is needed which would combine existing and new technologies and could provide up to 40% of clean energy by 2050 according to the report,

This could also lead to £33 billion of added annual economic value and the creation of 300,000 jobs.

Tom Greatrex, Chief Executive of the Nuclear Industry Association, said: “Greenlighting new projects already in the pipeline would trigger a ramp-up investment and job creation in parts of the UK facing the biggest economic challenges and clear the way for long term decarbonisation through the hydrogen economy, helping establish the UK nuclear sector as global leader in the field.

“Commitment to the roll-out of smaller and advanced reactors would build on that momentum. Conversely, if we do nothing, we are effectively sitting on a winning hand for a greener future.”

Nuclear power required to reach net zero target

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