Nuclear energy industry ‘is a complete scam’, Co-Founder of Forum for the Future Jonathon Porritt, has made the bold claim.

He commented in a recent interview that nuclear power was “unbelievably expensive” when referring to both traditional nuclear infrastructure and emerging technologies such as small modular reactors (SMRs) and said it was “preposterous” that the industry “still lays claim to such political attention”.

Nuclear power plants can only be built with “massive” government support at the cost of other green energy sources which he suggested are much cheaper, safer and less environmentally damaging claimed the renowned environmentalist.

He alleged that historically, the UK has been one of the most incompetent countries in developing nuclear energy and the only reason the nuclear civil industry still exists in the UK is to build the skills needed to maintain the nation’s military nuclear expertise he stressed.

He said: “I’m amazed that this industry still thinks it has a case to make, I mean it’s been talking about next-generation nuclear reactors for as long as I can remember, fusion power has always been precisely 40 years away, it was when I joined the green party in 1974 and you’ll be surprised to know Sumit, It’s now 30 years away – in 30 year’s time we’re not going to be worrying about these things at all.”

Mr. Porritt added that suggestions from opponents of renewable energy that clean technologies such as solar panels never achieve payback in terms of their climate impacts are “utter rubbish” and noted carbon payback is usually delivered around 18 months after a solar panel has been installed.

Nuclear energy industry ‘is a complete scam’

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