Non Cyclists generate 84% more CO2 daily than cyclists: People who do not use a bicycle for daily trips generate 84% more carbon dioxide emissions than cyclists.

The EU-funded active mobility project PASTA has found in a survey, which suggests a shift in travel modes to bicycles from cars can decrease lifecycle carbon dioxide emissions by 3.2 kilograms every day.

Based on travel activity data of 3,836 participants from seven European cities, the report also showed car travel generates 70% of total daily travel-related emissions, compared with 1% created by cycling.

The researchers have also found those who made one more bike trip and one less car trip every day can decrease emissions from transport by 67%.

According to the report, those who use public transport as the main travel mode have 71% fewer emissions than those who use cars.

Non Cyclists generate 84% more CO2 daily than cyclists

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