Noble Foods pays £50k for polluting stream

Noble Foods pays £50k for polluting stream : Noble Foods Co paid a sum of £50,000 for environmental improvements due to untreated wastewater coming from its plant polluted a neighbouring stream.

According to the Environment Agency (EA), the emission happened as a result of a series of faults inside the company’s treatment plant, which slaughters & processes chickens in Gainsborough.

In an attempt to contain the spill, workers on the site blocked a drain but the untreated wastewater flooded the area which eventually reached a surface water drain & seeped into the stream.

The EA mentioned that staff did not adhere to emergency procedures correctly regardless of their efforts to minimise the damage.

Even though it is not known how much untreated wastewater entered the stream, samples collected by EA offices discovered a toxic level of ammonia – over 80 times the natural level – in the water.

After an investigation was completed, the company paid £50,000 to the Lincolnshire Rivers Trust to support environmental improvements thoughout Lincoln.

Michael Waugh, Regulatory Officer at the Environment Agency announced: “We always aim to get the best result for people and nature. Enforcement undertakings mean those responsible for pollution have the chance to take responsibility for their actions and put things right in a way that directly benefits the environment.

“In this case, the extra cash will go to making real improvements to local watercourses including the Brayford Pool, which will be a boon for wildlife and visitors.”

Noble Foods still spent £40,000 on efforts to clean up the stream and avoid a repeat pollution, along with setting up alarms & equipment to stop wastewater entering the stream.

Noble Foods pays £50k for polluting stream

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