Most of UK public want EVs by 2025: Over half of the UK public want to see all carbon-emitting vehicles off the country’s roads by 2035.

Connected Kerb and C|T Group found in recently published research, shows in the next 15 years most people believe the country should completely transition to electric vehicles (EVs) and think deployment of new charging infrastructure shouild be supported by the government.

People in the 35-54 and 55+ age categories, support the transition to EVs at 55% and 51% respectively and around 68% of people between the ages of 18-34 believe EVs are the only cars that should be sold after 2035.

89% of people said they would be encouraged to buy an EV as their next car if they had access to a space where they could charge at home or work and a significant 87% of UK residents said that they would support a government-backed EV charging infrastructure rollout.

The research suggests 32% would support up to a 5% increase and 38% of people would be willing to support a 1% increase in tax to fund EV infrastructure.

Chief Executive of Connected Kerb, Dr Chris Pateman-Jones said “This research clearly shows the idea of transitioning away from combustion engines to battery-powered cars is popular.

“Policymakers need to use this insight to further educate and assist the public in transitioning to electric vehicles. This includes ensuring there is convenient charging infrastructure available to all people, including those without driveways.”

Most of UK public want EVs by 2025

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