British Gas X the new ‘challenger brand’ has more details revealed by British Gas

There will be two business units; one focused on delivering premium energy and services and solutions, to UK homes and small businesses and the other focused on delivering low-cost, digital energy only offerings.

Matthew Bateman will be the MD of the premium energy and services offer and Peter Simon has been appointed to the role of MD of the new low-cost digital energy service. Both will report directly to the CEO.

Saying digital-only tariffs from British Gas in the past have been popular amongst some customers. Whereas others prefer both receiving energy and services. It claims the two business units will not be competing for the same customers.

“The aim is to scale up our digital-first IT platform to provide customers with a simple, lower cost and more agile customer experience”, said a spokesperson for British Gas.

“We see this as a response to the low-cost competitors and this will allow us to win back customers from challenger brands. We think we can outperform the competition on both price and service with the right platform.

“We have already proofed the concept in the business market over the last three years where BG Lite has grown market share and this will also be the platform for the new offer.”

The platform is currently on trial and available on a selection of third-party websites.

More British Gas X details revealed

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