Met Office: Climate crisis impact on UK: The Met Office’s annual climate report shows  the climate crisis is exerting an “increasing impact”.

Its latest annual State of the UK Climate review shows the UK set a new all‐time high temperature record in July (38.7°C), the record high for winter being (21.2°C), which was also broken.

Weather conditions are the result of the warming trend driven by global heating and natural variability.

The report also found 2019 was the 12th warmest year for the UK since 1884 and 24th warmest for Central England since 1659.

All the top 10 warmest years for the UK from 1884 have occurred since 2002.

The Met Office report also found rainfall in the UK in 2019 was 12% above the 1961-1990 average. Parts of Lincolnshire in mid-June and flash-flooding affected parts of the Pennies and northern England in late July.

Across parts of central and northern England severe flooding occurred in November 2019 – at the time this event was the most severe flooding event in the UK since December 2015.

Mike Kendon, Lead Author of the Met Office report said: “Our report shows climate change is exerting an increasing impact on the UK’s climate,. Since 2002 we have seen the warmest 10 years in the series.

“By contrast, to find a year in the coldest 10 we have to go back to 1963 – over 50 years ago.”

Met Office: Climate crisis impact on UK

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