McDonald drive-ins to offer EV rapid charging: Hungry customers who pop into one of McDonald’s drive-in branches, will soon be able to have their electric vehicle (EV) rapidly charged while waiting for their Big Mac.

This comes after a collaboration between InstaVolt and the fast-food giant. Both new and existing drive-through restaurants will be included in the introduction of the charging points.

Capable of charging at 125kW, the new rapid charging points are amongst the fastest in the UK, which will help motorists cut charging times.

They aim to have more EV charging points on its premises than any other company in the UK and Ireland says McDonald’s.

The project will be ‘the first of its kind’ for a major UK restaurant chain the partners claim and aims to increase the accessibility of rapid charging for drivers across the UK by providing a network of convenient locations beyond workplaces, residential streets and service stations.

CEO, Paul Pomroy, McDonald’s UK & Ireland, said: “With more than 1,300 restaurants, our ambition would mean you would never be far from a charging point. As we look toward a return to normal service post-Covid19, drivers will be able to pop in for a coffee or a meal and get an 80% charge in 20 minutes.”

Rachael Maclean, Transport Minister said: “Being able to easily and quickly charge our electric cars as we go about our day-to-day lives is vital to encourage more people make the switch to electric.”

InstaVolt’s Chief Executive Officer, Adrian Keen commented: “Research shows that drivers need to be confident that fast, reliable and simple to use charging infrastructure is never far away and this partnership will deliver that confidence to drivers nationwide.”

The rapid EV charging infrastructure first installations will be announced as soon as they become available.

McDonald drive-ins to offer EV rapid charging

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