Lockdown level air pollution could halve kids with asthma: Air pollution cut to the levels seen during lockdown could halve the number of children with lung function so poor it affects their everyday lives.

A new analysis by the Queen Mary University of London on behalf of the charities Global Action Plan and Philips Foundation shows in its findings, which suggests the country-wide lockdown led to a significant decrease in asthma attacks in children seen during the reduction in air pollution.

A free online tool has been launched by the charities which offers plans and actions to tackle air pollution in and around the schools for teachers across the UK and Ireland.

Co-CEO at Global Action Plan, Chris Large said: “Protecting today’s generation of school children against the toxins carried by air pollution is not only imperative to preventing damageto children’s daily health but also to reduce the impact of this pandemic and future pandemics.” 

Lockdown level air pollution could halve kids with asthma

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