Is cycle power bringing us together: With the measures of a worldwide lockdown against the virus being eased gradually and people trying to gather up the pieces of shattered economies, what lessons have we all learned from this crisis?

Governments around the world are starting to introduce measures to promote greener mobility in a bid to keep this ‘green momentum’.

But how close are we to seeing London as one of ‘the world’s largest car-free zones’ as is the Mayor’s ambition?

And are willing to pay for this cleaner way of travelling?

Duncan Dollimore, Head of Advocacy and Campaigns at Cycling UK says we need to encourage this trend.

“We are a very long way from a car-free world, but we can significantly reduce the number of car journeys without going car-free. In the UK, 68% of car journeys are under five miles,” he said.

Is cycle power bringing us together or driving us apart?

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